Весной 2018 года сам Ричи БЛЭКМОР с воссозданным RAINBOW приезжали в МОСКВУ и САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГ с программой Memories in Rock 2018!


Stranger in Us All 1995

Ritchie Blackmore - guitar
Doogie White - vocals
John O’Reilly - drums
Greg Smith - bass
Paul Morris - keyboards
Mitch Weiss - harmonica
Candice Night - background vocals

01. Wolf To The Moon
02. Cold Hearted Woman
03. Hunting Humans (Insatiable)
04. Stand And Fight
05. Ariel
06. Too Late For Tears
07. Black Masquerade
08. Silence
09. Hall Of The Mountain King
10. Still I'm Sad
11. Emotional Crime (Bonus Track For Japan)


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